Software Quality Days, Vienna, Austria, May 23-25 2023

The Software Quality Days is a four-day conference focused on software quality and software testing in software development that takes place in Vienna, Austria. It aims to present and discuss the latest trends, best practice methods in quality management and ideas on improving methods and processes. Presentations are in German and in English.

In the agenda of the Software Quality Days you can find topics like “From pair programming to mob programming to mob architecting”, “Specification by Example”, “Practical Quality Scorecards”, “Practical Tools for Simplification of Software Quality Engineering”, “Traceability in a Fine Grained Software Configuration Management System”, “A Wearables Story: Testing the Human Experience”, “A portfolio of internal quality metrics for software architects”, “Mobile Apps Performance Testing using open source tool JMeter”, “Software Security Validation in the Industrial Data Space”, “The Impact of Testing – By Example”. “Risk Based Testing in a Project following Very Early Testing”, “The Elephant in the room: Continuous Delivery for Databases (DLM)”, “How Scrum tools may change your agile software development approach”, “Questions of Sanity: Verifying Early That You’re on the Right Path”, “Software Quality Assurance with Static Code Analysis”, “From requirements to automated tests with a BPM approach”, “How to manage people who manage testing?”.

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