Ascert VersaTest Accesses More DevOps CI Tools

As companies transition from older methods of overnight batch testing to a Continuous Integration (CI) model, Ascert continues to expand the reach of its payments testing technology. Seamless access to message-based tests and their results is now possible in the most commonly used DevOps CI platforms such as Bamboo, Jenkins, Team City, Azure, Gitlab CI, thanks to Ascert’s VersaTest product set. This approach allows for faster testing, better reliability, greater visibility of success and failure points, and ultimately increased customer satisfaction.

“We felt it important to develop a methodology that easily allows companies to utilize their existing VersaTest testing solutions into whatever CI stream their corporate policies mandated. Our first deployment was through a Jenkins plug-in. This has now evolved into a range of tool and platform-agnostic modules which support virtually any CI tool chain within the VersaTest ecosystem” said Simon Miles, VersaTest’s Chief Software Architect.

The VersaTest CI integration modules can be easily incorporated by clients, or via an Ascert assisted project. In addition to message and interface testing with CI tool support, VersaTest also provides certification and stress testing services both on-premises and via the company’s popular cloud-based test system called Ascertified. A growing number of companies have created a hybrid of both cloud and self-hosted options, increasing flexibility for both internal users and external partners.