Earthly CI/CD Platform Gets $6.5M in New Funding

Earthly Technologies, the company behind the open source developer tool Earthly – the super simple CI/CD framework with repeatable builds that you write once and run anywhere, has announced the general availability of its software-as-a-service CI/CD platform, Earthly CI, and a new $6.5 million seed+ funding round.

Traditional CI/CD platforms can be a challenge for today’s software engineers. They were built in a different time and can struggle with the complexities of containers, monorepos, and diverse tech stacks, making the CI/CD process slow, complex, and frustrating. Earthly CI offers a solution built for the needs of modern software engineers. With Earthly CI, pipelines are consistent and repeatable. It isolates execution from the computer it’s running on by executing all CI pipelines in containers. This means that if a pipeline runs on a developer’s laptop, it’ll run the same way in CI. Earthly CI’s build runners, called Earthly Satellites, are designed to make pipelines fast and efficient, thanks to an automatic and instantly available build cache. All CI pipelines are defined in Earthfiles – using Earthly’s simple, instantly recognizable syntax – and stored in the project repository, making Earthly CI easy for developers to learn and use in their projects.

About Earthly Technologies

Earthly makes CI/CD super simple. Its products include the open source Earthly – the instantly familiar CI/CD framework with repeatable builds that you write once and run anywhere; Earthly CI – the fast, repeatable CI/CD platform; and Earthly Satellites – the fast remote build runner that works with any CI.