Tutorials and resources on how to apply functional testing in software testing

Selenium WebDriver API Tutorial

April 11, 2012 0

This tutorial introduces the Selenium WebDriver API. It presents how to mimic usage of the following HTML elements: link , button, checkbox, select combo box, alert box and table. A video explains how to record the Selenium scenario and the code of the examples is stored in github.

Functional Software Testing Heuristics

March 15, 2012 0

This blog post presents an interesting vision of how functional software testing works. It discusses the lack of profiency in functional testing and references James Bach SFDPO (Structure, Function, Data, Platform, Operations) heuristic as a guide for providing new functional testing perspectives.

Getting Started with Selenium 2

March 12, 2012 0

Selenium is a popular framework for testing the user interface (UI) of a web application. It is an extremely powerful tool for running end-to-end functional tests. You can write tests in several programming languages and Selenium executes them into one or multiple browsers.

Extend Rational Functional Tester with FlexMonkium

February 8, 2012 0

The FlexMonkium tools provide a consistent Flex application GUI object recognition solution with strong support for the constant Flash plug-in updates. With FlexMonkium, Flex recording and playback is seamlessly interleaved with native Selenium recording and playback. This article provides step-by-step instructions to make Rational Functional Tester works in combination with Selenium and FlexMonkium.

More Top Tips For Writing Better Selenium Tests

February 8, 2012 0

AS Customer Support Engineer at SauceLabs, Santiago Suarez Ordoñez has answered more than 3,000 support emails. After a first video Top Tips For Writing Better Selenium Tests, he shares in this more tips to improve your Selenium tests so they run quicker and more efficiently locally and in the cloud.

Functional Testing Tools Directory

February 6, 2012 0

The Functional Testing Tools Directory presents a list of commercial or open source functional software testing tools like Selenium, Cucumber or JBehave. The web site also proposes pointers to tools reviews or presentations and contains a page of resources associated to functional software testing. Visit http://www.functionaltestingtools.com/

Cucumber with JVM Improvements

January 31, 2012 0

Cucumber-JVM is a pure Java implementation of Cucumber, a software testing tool that support Behavior Driven Development with plain text specifications and unobtrusive automation in Ruby. Cucumber-JVM supports Clojure, Groovy, Java, JavaScript (Rhino interpreter), Python (Jython interpreter), Ruby (JRuby interpreter) and Scala. It is now written in a native Java-API, which compiles down to fast JVM bytecode. It enables many JVM capabilities and makes it even easier to integrate with your Java applications. Note from the Editor: we had the regret to realize after publication that there is no sound on this video. We should have tested this before ;o(

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