Tutorials and resources on how to apply functional testing in software testing

Selenium Simple Test Introduction

January 25, 2012 0

SST or Selenium Simple Test is an open source web test framework that uses Python to generate functional browser-based tests. The tests are made up of scripts, created by composing actions that drive a browser and assert conditions. You enjoy the flexibility of the full Python language, along with a convenient set of functions to simplify web testing, but the commands are simple and flexible enough that the tool can also be used by non-programmers.

Functional Software Testing Tool Selection

December 5, 2011 1

This video explains the basic differences between different flavors of functional software testing tools. It proposes a selection roadmap and identifies the best vendors for each scenario. It provides pricing info and recommendations on negotiations.

Using Robot Framework in Automation of Functional Testing

November 23, 2011 0

Manual testing is a time consuming process. In addition, regression testing, because of its repetitive nature, is error-prone, so automation is highly desirable. Robot Framework is simple, yet powerful and easily extensible tool which utilizes the keyword driven testing approach. Easy to use tabular syntax enables creating test cases in a uniform way. Ability to create reusable high-level keywords from existing keyword ensures easy extensibility and reusability.

Top Tips For Better Selenium Tests

November 21, 2011 0

This video shares experience on how to write better Selenium tests. It contains advice on Implicit waits, ignoring Open and waitForPageToLoad failures, reporting pass/fail status automatically on python.

Functional Testing of a MVVM Silverlight Application with Fitnesse

October 24, 2011 0

This blog post gives a short tutorial on how to deal with the several issues that prevent the use of functional testing tools (e.g. Fitnesse) with a Silverlight project out of the box. A recent experience with a Silverlight application showed that the approach produces a little overhead, but that this overhead is negligible compared to the benefits of automated functional testing involving the ViewModels.

Functional Testing with Arquillian

September 21, 2011 0

This article explains how to use Arquillian to test a web UI of the application you are building. The mission of the Arquillian project is to provide a simple test harness that abstracts away all container lifecycle and deployment from the test logic so developers can easily produce a broad range of integration tests for their enterprise Java applications. This article exercises the following tools: Arquillian, Arquillian Drone, ShrinkWrap Maven Resolver and Selenium.

Automated Functional Testing with JMeter

August 15, 2011 0

In this blog post, David Tobey shares with us how he used the open source load testing tool JMeter for functional testing. JMeter allows him to automate part of the functional testing process, making it more reliable and less time-consuming.

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