End to End (E2E) Testing Considered Harmful

This video presents the impact of End-To-End Testing upon a large scale agile project within the UK government, covering the historical motivation for End-To-End Testing so common to IT and how it has hindered team adoption of Continuous Delivery.

End-To-End Testing – extensive end-to-end tests of a service against second/third party systems is the norm in IT, and in many companies it is mandated prior to production. Each end-to-end test will cover lots of scenarios, so test coverage will be high! Each end-to-end test will use the service itself as the test client, so maintenance costs will be low!

However, End-To-End Testing invariably results in low test coverage and astronomical maintenance costs. Long setup times, slow response times, unreliable test data, unstable systems, and long resolution times combine to form an enormous barrier to Continuous Delivery that prevents an organization from reducing time to market and innovating in the marketplace.

Video producer: https://leanagile.scot/

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