Junit5: The Next Gen of Android Testing

Junit 5 is a big step for the world of unit testing for Android apps. This is a new very flexible open source testing framework, based on many years of experiences with Junit 4. At the sporttotal company, we use Junit 5 for our Android unit tests and it changed the way we write our tests. Hard for us to imagine living without features like @Nested. Other features we ignored as those are more leaning towards Java and are solved already by Kotlin or other Kotlin libraries. And some features are even breaking changes.

How do you test on Android in a world without TestRunner and TestRules? Android testing team was always very slowly in adopting to new Junit versions, so how far can we bypass this? This presentation do a deep dive into Junit5, how it works and how we can use it to test our Android application.

Video producer: http://droidcon.nyc