Modern Web Testing: Going Beyond Selenium

It is safe to say that Selenium WebDriver is the number one testing tool for many software engineers across the globe. However, as the software development world has been growing rapidly, so has the software testing industry. More and more UI testing frameworks besides Selenium are gaining popularity. These new test frameworks are especially appealing to its users because of the promise to solve speed, maintenance, development and other concerns of WebDriver implementations. These new, non-Selenium frameworks emphasize Rapid Test Development practices, and it has been resonating with the development community. In this talk, we dive into test solutions evolved from Selenium like Protractor, and talk about non-Selenium frameworks like TestCafe and We discuss why these new tools are gaining popularity and continue to disrupt the traditional testing standards of Selenium WebDriver. More importantly, we address how to get started and what mistakes to avoid when first implementing TestCafe or in your team.

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