Testing iOS User Interface

March 29, 2012 0

GHUnit is a test framework for Objective-C, Mac OS X and iPhone 3.x. It can be used standalone or with other testing frameworks like SenTestingKit or GTM. This video shows you how to use it to validate your mobile user interface. GHUnit has the ability to record the look of a UIView so that the developer is aware of any changes since the last test run.

Using SpecsFor.Mvc to Test ASP.NET MVC applications

March 28, 2012 0

SpecsFor.Mvc is a software testing tool that enables to create automated acceptance tests using a browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. This means that your application is tested from the UI all the way down to the database. Unlike  other tools which rely on recording actions, you write strongly-typed tests against your ASP.NET MVC controllers, action methods and view models. SpecsFor.Mvc takes care of translating your tests to the browser. Matt Honeycutt blog post provides a detailed introduction to SpecsFor.Mvc. It discusses the challenges of automated acceptance tests and how to install, configure and start using SpecsFor.Mvc with a simple example.

Robot Framework Tutorial

March 28, 2012 0

Robot Framework is a test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD) that uses a keyword-driven testing approach. Thomas Jaspers has created four blog posts that provide a comprehensive tutorial for Robot Framework.

Software Testing as an Art

March 21, 2012 1

Art and testing may look like an odd couple. True, Glenford Myers combined both in his book “The Art of Software Testing”, but the art in there was strictly limited to the title page, since the term isn’t even mentioned once throughout the whole book. It referred to skill and mastery, of course, not to an aesthetic experience.

Test Automation in Continuous Delivery

March 19, 2012 0

This article discusses how test automation can help achieving continuous delivery. It suggests to start small with a good investment on a robust automation suite, to give it your best people and to cultivate habits in your team that respect tests. Test automation reduces cycle times and also improves the cost of each deployment.This is achieved by earlier feedback to developer through automated tests improves the quality of builds that the testers work on, provided they pick up green builds. There is also a direct reduction in testing cost, as fewer people are needed to run the tests.

When to Automate Software Tests

March 19, 2012 0

The debate about automating or not the software test has always been active in the software development community. This blog post by Ole Laursen discusses the issue of automating software tests with a balanced perspective that presents equally circumstances where automation has benefits or disadvantages.

Scalability Testing

March 15, 2012 0

This blog post provides guidelines for scalability testing. It defines the difference between load, performance and scalability testing. A well-designed workload is the first requirement for any performance testing is a well-designed workload. The post provides hints how to to plan, run and analyze scalability tests.

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