Transition to Agile Testing – Part 3 The New Processes

February 24, 2014 0

Software testing during the transition to Agile is not easy. This third part explains how your software quality assurance processes should change. It discusses how to cope with rapid development cycle and frequent code changes that are at the heart of the Agile approaches.

Using a Debugger or a Log to Find Bugs

February 18, 2014 0

When you have a bug in your software, you cannot always just read the code to find the cause of the bug. Two techniques are used for further investigation: the debugger allow to follow the execution of the code, while writing logs allow write multiple snapshots of contexts. In this article, Henrik Warne explains why you cannot rely only on a debugger to find bugs.

Automating WebPagetest with wpt-script

February 13, 2014 0

WebPagetest is an awesome tool, but out of the box there isn’t an easy way to run large numbers of tests and get performance trends over time. This video presents wpt-script, an open source tool that makes this process much easier. wpt-script is the short name for WebPagetest Script, a simple wrapper for the WebPagetest API that allows you to easily generate tests and graph results.

Developing a Model to Evaluate and Improve Mobile User Experience

February 11, 2014 2

A Model Based Approach To Evaluating and Improving Mobile User Experience was the first article of Philip Lew that introduced the context that creates the need for a model-based approach to evaluate mobile user experience. This article presents the concepts of the ISO 25010 model and 2Q2U (Quality, Quality in use, actual Usability and User experience).

Karma: a Test Runner for JavaScript

February 6, 2014 0

This video is an introduction to Karma, an open source test runner that makes testing JavaScript applications in real browsers frictionless and enjoyable.

UI Testing with CasperJS

February 3, 2014 0

CasperJS is an open source navigation scripting and testing utility written in Javascript for the PhantomJS WebKit headless browser and SlimerJS (Gecko). It eases the process of defining a full navigation scenario and provides useful high-level functions, methods and syntactic sugar for doing common tasks. PhantomJS is a headless WebKit scriptable with a JavaScript API. It has fast and native support for various web standards: DOM handling, CSS selector, JSON, Canvas, and SVG.