Moving from Manual to Automated Testing

May 30, 2017 0

Moving from manual to automated testing at a small company takes curiosity, research, careful planning and the ability to evolve as you learn. This talk will focus on how to get started, cultural hurdles, technology options, implementation and evolution. Additionally, virtualization and test case management will be covered. The goal for this topic is to show how to go from manual test case execution to an automated framework that can be built upon.

An Overview of JUnit 5

May 29, 2017 0

JUnit 5 is the next generation of JUnit. The goal of this upcoming version is to create an up-to-date foundation for developer-side testing on the JVM. The evolution includes focusing on Java 8 and above, as well as enabling many different styles of testing. In his article, Nicolai Parlog explains how you should write tests with JUnit 5.

Semaphore Releases Boosters

May 24, 2017 0

Semaphore, a cloud-based code delivery service provider, announced the launch of Boosters, a new feature that drastically speeds up automated software testing. Boosters allows software development teams working on large applications to automatically speed up their test suite by 10 or more times, and deliver updates to users much more frequently.

Nouvola Integrates with AWS CodePipeline

May 24, 2017 0

Nouvola, a vendor of in cloud-based performance testing and load testing, has announced integration with AWS CodePipeline, enabling developers using AWS CodePipeline to now include Nouvola tests in their continuous delivery pipelines so issues are caught earlier and code is tested against real-world traffic scenarios before it’s released to production.

Unit Testing: Fakes, Mocks and Stubs

May 23, 2017 0

When you perform unit testing, there are many situations where you don’t have the full code or the right context that is needed to execute it. It might be that part of the code is not written yet or that you interact with an external system that is difficult to access or you don’t want to impact with unit tests. In these cases, you need to create a test double, an object that behaves like its production equivalent. In this article, Michał Lipski describes three types of test doubles – fake, stub and mock – and gives you examples when to use them in your unit testing.

QASymphony Raises $40M in Series C Funding

May 18, 2017 0

QASymphony, a of software testing solutions, has announced that it has raised $40M in Series C funding, led by New York-based venture capital and private equity firm Insight Venture Partners.

ServiceV Pro 2.0 Released

May 18, 2017 0

SmartBear Software has announced ServiceV Pro 2.0, the latest version of the popular service virtualization product. The new version of ServiceV Pro introduces Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Virtualization to speed development and testing by reducing dependencies on relational databases that are often unavailable, hard to reach or belong to a third party.

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