5 Common Mistakes in DevOps Security and How to Avoid Them

May 30, 2024 0

In DevOps, the rush to deploy code quickly and efficiently can cause security concerns to be relegated to the bottom of the list of priorities. This oversight can lead to serious vulnerabilities that expose your systems and data to various threats.

Learning Gatling: Documentation, Tutorials, Videos

May 24, 2024 1

Gatling is an open source load testing tool. It officially supports HTTP, WebSocket, Server-Sent-Events and JMS. Gatling is developed in Scala and built upon Netty for non-blocking HTTP. It works with Akka for virtual users’ orchestration.

A Revolution in Integration Testing of Microservices

May 23, 2024 0

Testing strategies for modern software architectures are evolving. As we transition from monolithic structures to team-sized microservices with crisp APIs aligned to bounded contexts, we encounter more stable testing surfaces.

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