JetBrains Test Automation IDE Aqua Is Generally Available

Launched nearly a year and a half ago as a preview version, Aqua, the JetBrains IDE for test automation, is now generally available. You can get a free license for individual, non-commercial use of Aqua.

Since its preview launch, Aqua has evolved significantly. JetBrains has added major features like support for Cypress and Playwright. Additionally, Aqua’s support for Selenium makes it a great choice of tool for test automation projects. Aqua is a polyglot IDE supporting major languages used in test automation: Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Kotlin, and SQL.

Currently, the new licensing model is purely based on an honor system in which you declare that you won’t be using it for commercial purposes. We hope this will work, but we might need to make some adjustments in the future, depending on the extent to which the honor system is adhered to. It is also important to note that, if you’re using a non-commercial license, you cannot opt out of the collection of anonymous usage statistics. This is similar to our Early Access Program (EAP) and is in compliance with our Privacy Policy.

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