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Test-Driven Development – A Guide for Non-Programmers

November 9, 2011 0

Test-driven development (TDD) is a programmer practice that’s been employed by a growing number of software development teams for the past dozen years. Does TDD impact you personally? If you’re a manager, what should you expect from teams using TDD? How do you know if they’re doing a good job? Is there any advantage of TDD over sporadic after-the-fact unit testing?

Using Design of Experiments to Reduce System Testing Cost

November 8, 2011 0

Software and system testing cost the commercial and defense industry hundreds of millions of dollars annually. In addition, conducting each set of tests takes multiple man-months, delaying time to market of key technologies. In this current economic environment, organizations are looking for ways to reduce the cost of testing and time to market while ensuring that defects are not passed on to the customer.

Behavior-Driven Development for Ruby on Rails

November 7, 2011 1

Behavior-driven development (BDD) is similar to test-driven development (TDD), but the tests for BDD are written in an easier-to-understand language so that developers and clients alike can clearly understand what is being tested. In this article based on chapter 2 of Rails 3 in Action, the authors discuss two tools for BDD: RSpec and Cucumber.

.NET Debugging Tools

November 3, 2011 0

Many developers are not aware of all of the debugging features in Visual Studio, because debugging in Visual Studio “just works.” This article provides an overview of debugging features of Visual Studio that are often ignored by developers like actions in the Breakpoints window or data visualizers. It also discusses external tools and third-party tools you can add to your debugging toolkit.

Risk Based Testing

October 27, 2011 0

Delayed at the end of a project, software testing has often to be done under severe pressure. This article explains how to improve software testing efficiency with risk evaluation. It presents a strategy for prioritizing tests against deadlines and offer solutions for more effective test, which means to find more and more important defects in the same amount of time.

Efficient JavaScript Unit Testing

September 27, 2011 0

One of the biggest challenges facing web applications is the support of web browsers with different versions. This challenge is inherited from the lack of testing the JavaScript code living in the presentation tier from day one. Without unit testing this code, organizations may pay for repeated testing of web applications after upgrading or supporting new browsers. This article shows you how to reduce testing costs using efficient unit testing for JavaScript code.

Integration Testing for Java EE

September 26, 2011 0

Integration tests are performed after a successful execution of unit tests. Integration tests are, therefore, executed less frequently, because unit tests will naturally fail often. With this strict separation between unit tests and integration tests, we can save several minutes (sometimes, hours) with each turnaround. This article explains how integration testing can increase your productivity and ensure the deployability of your Java EE 6 application.

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