Selenium Camp, Kiev, Ukraine, March 22 2022

The Selenium Camp conference of Kiev, Ukraine is an event focused on automated testing, more specifically web testing with the Selenium and WebDriver open source testing tools. The conference provides participants the opportunity to gain new practical software testing skills with Selenium in different programming languages (Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python etc.), both for desktop, web-based and mobile. Talks will be in Russian and in English.

In the agenda of the Selenium Camp conference you can find topics like “From Unit Testing to End-To-End Test Automation”, “How to level-up your Selenium tests with Visual Testing, “Using Selenium Successfully”, “Teaching automation. How big companies do it.”, “High performance functional tests based on Selenium”, “Webium: Page Objects in Python”, “Design patterns in web testing automation”, “Elephant grooming: quality with Hadoop”, “Dockerization of real mobile device farm and scalable QA automation ecosystem”, “Codeless Visual Testing”, “Test infrastructure on steroids”.

Web site for Selenium Camp conference:

Selenium Camp