Redefine “Done” To Include Automation for Smarter, Faster Software Delivery

February 28, 2022 1

In pursuing the twin goals of increased speed and continuous innovation, delivery teams have been busily ramping up automation efforts in the last few years. Test automation has been instrumental in helping accelerate release cycles, improve software quality and increase efficiency across the whole software delivery lifecycle (SDLC).

What Should Software QA Do?

February 14, 2022 0

This talk try to answer the question of what the software quality assurance (QA) team should be doing, and how it is not only more fruitful for the software development organization, but a more rewarding path for the Testing Craftsman.

Testim Test Automation Platform Acquired by Tricentis

February 14, 2022 0

Tricentis has announced the acquisition of Testim, an AI-based SaaS test automation platform. Testim should extend Tricentis’ own AI-powered continuous testing platform, and will help the company further simplify test automation, enabling organizations to create resilient end-to-end tests quickly and easily.

Selenium Camp, Kiev, Ukraine, March 22 2022

February 10, 2022 0

The Selenium Camp conference of Kiev, Ukraine is an event focused on automated testing, more specifically web testing with the Selenium and WebDriver open source testing tools. The conference provides participants the opportunity to gain new practical software testing skills with Selenium in different programming languages (Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python etc.), both for desktop, web-based and mobile. Talks will be in Russian and in English.

How to Deal with Software Tester Burnout

February 7, 2022 0

The problem of occupational burnout among people due to the lack of interest in the tasks assigned or the unevenness of the assigned load has been extremely acute these days. And the field of software testing and software quality assurance is not an exception for this issue. This article proposes some practical tips on how QA engineers and software testers can deal with burnout.