How to Become a QA Game Tester

This article provides an inside look at what it takes to become a Quality Assurance (QA) game tester. You will learn about the responsibilities of this role and how you can make your mark on the gaming industry with this career path.

Author: Inna Reshetniak. Blog Writer and Editor at Jooble.

What is a QA Game Tester? A Quality Assurance (QA) game tester is responsible for assessing the quality of video games and other interactive media. They are employed by gaming companies to ensure that their products are free from bugs, glitches, crashes, and other issues before they are released to the public.

QA game testers are also responsible for finding ways to improve the user experience, by providing feedback and suggestions on gameplay, graphics, sound design, and other aspects of the game. As a QA tester, you will be expected to have strong attention to detail and excellent problem-solving skills in order to quickly identify potential issues and recommend solutions. If you are serious about this job, you can check jobs for a remote qa game tester on Jooble or any other job aggregators.

How to Become a QA Game Tester

Benefits of Being a QA Game Tester

The benefits of working as a QA game tester are numerous. Not only do you get to be part of the gaming industry, but you also get to work with cutting-edge technology and learn new skills. Furthermore, games testers often receive free copies of the games they work on, which can be a fun perk.

Preparing to Become a QA Game Tester

Before you become a QA game tester, there are several important steps you should take.

Education Requirements & Technical Skills Needed

Most employers require that applicants have at least some college experience, although some prefer applicants who have a degree. It is also important to have a good understanding of computers and game consoles, as well as knowledge of popular gaming genres.

Looking for Job Opportunities & Applying for Positions

Once you have the necessary skills and qualifications, it’s time to start looking for job opportunities. Many employers list positions on their websites, or you can search job listing sites such as Monster and Indeed. When applying for positions, make sure to highlight your technical skills and any relevant experience that you have.

Learning the Terminology & Understanding Testing Strategies

Once you’ve been offered a position, it is important to familiarize yourself with the terminology and testing strategies used in QA game testing. You should also learn the specific tools and processes involved in assessing a game’s quality.

What to Expect from a Job as a QA Game Tester

Now that you have been hired, it’s time to get down to business.

Workplace Environment & Culture

The workplace environment and culture of a QA game tester can vary depending on the company. However, in general, you can expect to work with other testers in teams and be given deadlines for tasks. The atmosphere is typically relaxed, but it is important to remain focused and organized in order to complete tasks efficiently.

Typical Duties & Responsibilities

As a QA game tester, your primary duty will be to assess the quality of games prior to their release. This includes playing through each level and looking for any bugs, glitches, or other issues that might detract from the user experience. You may also be asked to provide feedback on gameplay and suggest improvements.

Staying Relevant & Finding Opportunities

Once you have been working as a QA game tester for some time, you may want to pursue additional opportunities.

Keeping Up with Trends & Learning New Skills

It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest gaming trends and to develop new skills related to game testing. You should also take advantage of any learning opportunities that your employer may offer, such as seminars or workshops.

Pursuing Advancement Opportunities

As you gain more experience in the field, you may be able to pursue advancement opportunities. Some testers may even move up to a position such as a game designer, programmer, or producer. It is also possible to freelance and work on multiple projects at once.

Closing Thoughts

By taking all of these steps, you can become a successful QA game tester and enjoy the unique benefits that come with it. From learning new skills to working with cutting-edge technology, there are plenty of exciting opportunities in this field. So take the plunge and start your journey today!

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