Making Software Testing More Positive

Software testing is an activity that is not always well considered in the software development community. When companies use a “silo” organization, the relationships between developers and testers are often tense. Developers complain that testers are not understanding the system and testers complain that developers write poor quality code. In this blog post, Emma Armstrong give some hints to help the software tester engineer to portray his role in a positive way.

Here are the five ways that Emma Armstrong recommends:

1. Try to be involved from the start. The post explain that “the job as testers is not to find bugs, it is to build in quality from the start and hope there are then fewer bugs to find.”
2. Work with developers. Developers and testers should collaborate to make the code easier to test.
3. Focus on quality. Developers and testers pair for exploratory testing and detect issues in the code.
4. Find the root cause. Focus on root causes rather than symptoms.
5. Keep all communication constructive and positive. Explain the issues using words that will not put people in a defensive position.

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