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If videos are one of the modern tools for solitary software testing training, podcasts can also play an important role. Audio-only training is useful in a context where the eyes are already busy, when you commute in your car for instance.

This article lists active software testing podcasts. Most episodes are available as mp3 files that can be downloaded. Others are available only in certain audio / podcasts distribution platforms like SoundCloud, Podbean, Stitcher, Spotify or iTunes. Do not hesitate to suggest important software testing podcasts that are missing from this list using the contact form.


July 8 2024:
* Added: Richard Seidl Software Testing Podcast
* Updated: AB Testing (new website Angryweasel to moderntesting); PerfBytes (new page for podcast); Test and Code is renamed Python Test (new url); TestTalks by Joe Colantonio transformed in TestGuild, Ministry of Testing (new url); The Testing Show (new url)
* Moved to Inactive: Evil Tester Show; That’s a Bug!
* Removed: Leapwork Decoding Automation; Let’s Talk About Tests Baby; Rex Black Consulting Services
July 21 2020:
* Added: Testing Peers, The Evil Tester Show
January 23 2020:
* Added: Decoding Automation, That’s a Bug!, Women Who Test

* AB Testing

In the AB Testing podcast, Alan Page Brent Jensen talk about modern software testing, including Agile testing, data, leadership and more. Topics for episodes are around the Modern Testing principles and include communing with software testers or how testers (and test specialists) can use the power of community to discover what they don’t know they don’t know.


* ASTQB Software Testing Podcasts

The software testing podcasts of the ASTQB (American Software Testing Qualifications Board) discusses software testing topics with the viewpoint of software testing a certification board. Registration is required to listen to this podcast.


* Perfbytes

Perfbytes is a podcast managed by multiple hosts that have all a long experience in performance and load testing, also in very large corporations. The podcasts are mainly centered about specific (commercial) software testing tools and software testing conferences.


* Python Test

Python and Code is a podcast produced by Brian Okken that discusses software testing when you program with the Python programming language. It focuses on testing and process questions like “How do I know it works?”, “How do I effectively test?”, and the like.


* Quality Remarks

Quality Remarks is a podcast about software testing and quality management produced by Keith Klain. In the recent episodes, you can find guests like Michael Bolton, Rob Lambert or Anne Marie Charrett discussing coaching software testers.


* Richard Seidl Software Testing Podcast

Experts from different disciplines of software development share their experiences with you in the podcast “Software Testing” and give you current tips and trends to significantly increase the quality in your software projects. Software Testing is the podcast for all developers, testers and project managers who want actionable tips and hacks to improve software quality in their projects.


* TestGuild

TestGuildis a weekly podcast on software testing presented by Joe Colantonio that discusses software test automation. TestGuild covers news about software testing space, reviews books about test automation and speaks with some of the thought leaders in the test automation field.

TestGuild software testing podcast


* The Ministry of Testing Podcast

The Ministry of Testing Podcast is made of interviews of software testing experts that discusses specific software testing topics. An interesting part of the topics are also related to topics more personal for software testers like office culture improvement or finding allies.


* Testing Peers

The Testing Peers is a software testing podcast produced by four like-minded testing peers who have come together to support and challenge each other on their journeys as software testers and leaders. They discuss general topics on leadership, line management, software testing and the wider sphere of software delivery.


* The Testing Show

The Testing Show is a monthly podcast published by Qualitest. The topics discussed in the last episodes include security testing, hiring testers or testing in DevOps.


* Women Who Test

The Women Who Change Tech podcast from Women Who Test highlights women who are contributing, trailblazing, and disrupting in the business of technology. In each episode, your hosts Alison Wade, president of TechWell and founder of Women Who Test, and Jessie Shternshus, owner of Improv Effect and coauthor of the book CTRL Shift: 50 Games for 50 ****ing Days Like Today, offer you a dose of inspiration from some of the most talented and creative women who are changing the face of technology.


Inactive Software Testing Podcats

* That’s a Bug!:

A short list of podcasts that seems to be no more active, but that can contains material that is interesting and still relevant.

* The Evil Tester Show:

* Quality Sense from Abstracta:

* The Good, The Bad, And The Buggy from SmartBear:

* Testing from the Pub:

* Testcast:

* Randy Rice Software Quality and Testing Podcasts:

* Testing Bias:

The reference website for software testing podcasts is

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  1. Hi! I’d also appreciate it if you could add the Quality Sense Podcast!

    It’s by Federico Toledo, a co-founder of Abstracta, and each week he interviews a different personality in the testing world and they discuss a fun topic!

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