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Android UI Automation

September 19, 2013 0

As Android gains popularity in the mobile world, application developers and OEM vendors are exploring ways to perform end-to-end UI driven testing of applications or entire platform. With a brief review of existing UI Automation solutions on Android, this talk introduces the recently released Android UI Automator framework, and continues to give an inside look of the framework, typical use cases and workflows.

Testing Android Apps with Robotium and JBehave

May 13, 2013 2

The purpose of the article is to implement a Behavior Driver Development (BDD) infrastructure for Android applications with the JBehave open source BDD  tool  and Robotium open source Android testing software. We will go through complete architectural understandings and try to set-up the framework.

Unit Test Results and Code Coverage for Android

November 14, 2012 0

In this blog post, Mark Prichard presents a solution on how to use Jenkins to give a “QA dashboard” view of a native Android application build. His goals were to show metrics for the results of unit test and code coverage in an Android build context on the Jenkins continuous integration system.

Easy Black-box testing with Robotium for Android

March 2, 2012 0

Learn how Robotium works with standard Android instrumentation tests, including details on how it can be used in real life. Robotium is a test framework created to make it easy to write powerful and robust automatic black-box test cases for Android applications. Test case developers can write function, system and acceptance test scenarios, spanning multiple Android activities.

Android WebDriver Introduction

October 28, 2011 0

In this blog post, Dounia Berrada provides an introduction on how to use Selenium WebDriver with Android. Selenium WebDriver is an open source software testing tool that is now available as an extra in the Android SDK. The post explains how to write a basic test with WebDriver to test an Android application.

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