Effective Debugging

October 9, 2014 0

Developers are always looking for ways to boost productivity. Effective debugging allows one to more quickly discover inaccuracies between our expectations and how the software actually behaves.

Using a Debugger or a Log to Find Bugs

February 18, 2014 0

When you have a bug in your software, you cannot always just read the code to find the cause of the bug. Two techniques are used for further investigation: the debugger allow to follow the execution of the code, while writing logs allow write multiple snapshots of contexts. In this article, Henrik Warne explains why you cannot rely only on a debugger to find bugs.

Inspect/Debug your Mobile Code with Adobe Shadow

August 28, 2012 0

Adobe Shadow is a new tool currently developed by Adobe that provides developers a way to inspect and debug from their desktops wirelessly and synchronously across multiple devices. The Adobe Shadow desktop application listens for changes in a URL location in the browser. When a change occurs, it pushes the new URL out to all wirelessly connected devices immediately so the changed content is seen on the devices immediately. In this blog post, Holly Schinsky provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Adobe Shadow to inspect and debug your mobile code.

.NET Debugging Tools

November 3, 2011 0

Many developers are not aware of all of the debugging features in Visual Studio, because debugging in Visual Studio “just works.” This article provides an overview of debugging features of Visual Studio that are often ignored by developers like actions in the Breakpoints window or data visualizers. It also discusses external tools and third-party tools you can add to your debugging toolkit.

Debug It!

February 20, 2010 0

This book “Debug It!” by Paul Butcher provides a structured approach that will help programmers to identify and remove bugs in code. It is based on a four steps process: Reproduce, Diagnose, Fix, Reflect. For each activity, the author provides practical material on how to perform it.