Why Choose Kualitee as Your Test Management Tool

We are in that era of technology when there are so many different software testing tools available in the market that it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Let’s discuss one of these tools: Kualitee.

You may or may not be familiar with this test and defect management platform, but, either way, we will give you an overview of the product to help you get a more thorough understanding of it.

Why Choose Kualitee as Your Test Management Tool

What is Kualitee?

Kualitee is a comprehensive test management tool used widely by developers, test managers and software testing teams. Also used as a defect management platform, it is a complete ALM solution that gives you complete control of your testing process. It is particularly useful for agile teams, offering them all that they need for seamless testing in a software testing lifecycle.

Who is Kualitee for?

If you fall in any of the following categories (though not limited to these), Kualitee is the testing tool for you.

  • QA testers
  • Developers
  • Test managers and QA leads
  • Software testing teams
  • Software development teams
  • Product teams
  • Project managers

Why Choose Kualitee?

Let’s have a glimpse at some quick reasons, below!

  • You can streamline your entire testing process within a single tool
  • Teamwork has never been simpler—Kualitee offers preconfigured roles for testers, test managers, and developers
  • Get an organized process-driven approach, through a structured testing process
  • Get good value for money
  • Get a smooth and bug-free software release
  • Get all the benefits of test management and defect management, within one tool

….and much more!

What can you use Kualitee for?

Here’s a glance at a bunch of ways you can use Kualitee to make your life easier.

Test Case Management

With Kualitee, you can keep track of your test cases in an organized and efficient manner, without the need of testing over and over again. Some features that contribute towards Kualitee’s effective test management suite include: customizable dashboards, reusable test repositories, requirements traceability, customizability options across the tool, options supporting both manual and automated testing, a mobile app, and so on.

Why Choose Kualitee as Your Test Management Tool

Defect Management

Kualitee offers a smooth and easy bug management system, with which you can log and detect bugs while executing ongoing test cases with its issue tracking tool. The bugs are classified into different categories, with which they can be allocated within their relevant test suites.

You can add details against each bug in an information rich format—including description, action, status, date etc. There is also an option to add or delete a defect at any given point. Also available is a history of all test suites, which makes it easy for you to trace any defect to its previous test cases as well, giving a thorough picture of the ongoing project during its testing lifecycle.

Why Choose Kualitee as Your Test Management Tool

Project Management

With Kualitee’s project management module, you can organize, plan and execute your tasks with ease. To make things even more systematic, Kualitee’s integrations with third party tools let you add your entire team of QA testers, developers, test managers, and other stakeholders—to easily manage your activities from a single platform. This helps keep all team members in sync, and all team members can collectively monitor changes during a testing cycle made during real-time.

Why Choose Kualitee as Your Test Management Tool


You can integrate Kualitee with an impressive range of other software testing and project management tools that Kualitee offers integrations with, including JIRA. This enables faster and smoother collaboration between teams, more streamlined workflows, ease of syncing data across tools, and more.

Signing up

Kualitee offers both cloud and on-premise purchase options.

Cloud is better-suited for teams who:

  • Want to get started with their testing process right away
  • Don’t want to manage servers themselves
  • Prefer flexibility in scaling up or down anytime

On the other hand, you can choose on-premise if your team:

  • Requires self-hosted servers
  • Prefers not to use services hosted on cloud during to security concerns

Check out more details on Kualitee’s pricing plans.

About the Author

Nayha Khan is currently working at Kualitatem Inc. in the Marketing department, as a Content Communication Specialist.

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