How Testing Adds Value in an Agile Context

At a first glance you might relate software testing in an Agile context to abbreviations like TDD, BDD, ATDD. Though these are often valuable practices they are closer related to checking of the software. The point is to run them often and to help developer to know when to stop coding.

This presentation explains why software developers should take responsibility of these kinds of checks and not the tester. So, what should we as testers then do? Testers contribute with lots of value. We have an advantage over the computer, we are sapient! We set out to find new information about the software by exploration and learning. We relate and adapt to users and business objectives of the product. Let´s have a look at tasks and contributions a tester do to be valuable in an agile team, such as: sprint planning, calculating “testers’ velocity”, communicating the health of the product, track and visualize test ideas and bugs and more. How a tailored and modified combination of Scrum and Session Based Test Management can be of help.

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