Automated Acceptance Testing, The Vietnam of Test Driven Development

May 30, 2011 0

Ted Neward’s 2006 essay “The Vietnam of Computer Science” famously compares Object/Relational mapping to the Vietnam War: “The United States began a military project with simple yet unclear and conflicting goals, and quickly became enmeshed in a quagmire that … brought down two governments”. The analogy can equally apply to Automated Acceptance Testing: early successes lead to committing to use Cucumber Tests for all stories; more and more resources get spent covering difficult cases and maintaining fragile tests; before you know it your project is bogged down, and you are scrambling for the last helicopter off the embassy roof. This video present on the goals of acceptance testing, when and how to use them and, as importantly, when not to use them.

Experiments with TDD

May 26, 2011 0

In this article, Vinay Krishna shares his experiment with Test Driven Development (TDD) and his transformation from coder to developer.

Selenium and Cucumber

May 25, 2011 0

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the Business Analyst write out the acceptance criteria in plain English, and then have those criteria run as tests? Join us for a beginner to intermediate walk through of Cucumber and Selenium. Learn how to write tests that are easy to understand and run. There will be plenty of examples and sample code to get you going in the right direction.

Automated Unit Testing in .NET

May 16, 2011 0

A 14-part series of articles describing the use of automated unit testing techniques for the C# programmer. The tutorial includes the use of NUnit and Moq but is also relevant for other testing frameworks.

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