Chasing Code Quality in a Distributed Team

December 20, 2012 0

This presentation discusses problems and solutions that were made in solving problems such as size (about 100 people in total, more than 5 years long), multi-location (Vilnius, China, US), remote PO (teams in Eastern Europe, PO in US), ~550 000 LOC’s, multiple customers. It will present techniques used to maintain the project quality in shape: Continuous Integration, Code Review, Static Code Quality.

Load Testing with Custom Performance Counters

December 19, 2012 0

This article by Benjamin Day recommends to use custom counters when you perform load testing. It discusses how Visual Studio 2012 load-testing features call help you solve performance problems. The article describes how to set up Visual Studio to perform load testing, particularly the ability to capture Windows Performance Monitor Counters (PerfMon Counters).

Common Objections to TDD (and their Refutations)

December 6, 2012 1

This is not a session about how or why to practice Test-Driven Development (TDD). Based upon research conducted during the first quart of 2012, I will outline the most common objections to TDD and describe in detail, with examples where appropriate, how to refute, avoid or mitigate each of them. The coverage will acknowledge that there are risks inherent to all techniques and will not promote the idea that TDD is some kind of silver bullet.

Integrating FitNesse Tests into Jenkins

December 5, 2012 0

Marcus Martina explains in this blog post how to integrate FitNesse tests into the Jenkins continuous integration system. FitNesse is an open source testing framework that aims to implement integration testing in a collaborative way. It is easy to integrate FitNesse tests automatically with Maven and Jenkins. The post provides the code necessary to do this integration. It also identifies the different Maven plugins that are necessary to achieve this goal and recommends to trigger the execution of the integration tests in an individual build step.

Using Mock Objects

December 3, 2012 0

This extract from the book “Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java with JUnit” written by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas provides an introduction to the usage of mock objects during Java unit tests. They define the usage of mocks in unit testing as the unit  similar to the use of lighting doubles in the movies: A mock object is simply a debug replacement for a real-world object.