How Spotify Test in Continuous Deployment

December 26, 2014 0

What kind of software testing do we need to have in a continuous deployment pipeline? What does it take to push a commit all the way to deployment? Fully automated. Several times a day.

Mobile Testing: How to Maintain Your Devices

December 8, 2014 1

Maintaining the devices that your company provides for testing mobile applications is mandatory for the success of your mobile development projects. It is as important as the human resources of the company. Since modern emulation tools and cloud services don’t assure high quality of mobile applications, all portable devices such as smartphones and tablets should be maintained properly. This article explains how you can extend their lifespan.

Advanced TDD

December 4, 2014 0

Once you start to get good at Test-Driven Development (TDD), you begin to learn the nuances of the discipline such as the fact that tests and code grow in very opposite directions. As the tests get more specific, the code gets more generic.

Do Not Write Code That You Cannot Quickly Test

December 1, 2014 0

Software developers have often the habit to write code faster than their software testing capabilities. This creates a backlog of untested code. In this blog post, Dennis Stevens proposes some hints about things that programmers can do instead of writing untested code.