Vector Informatik Buys Vector Software

February 22, 2017 0

Vector Informatik GmbH, a German-based specialist for the development and test of automotive electronics, has acquired 100% of the US company Vector Software Inc. Vector Software specializes in automated embedded software testing in multiple industries. Vector Software’s VectorCAST environment enables software development teams to easily automate complex testing tasks to improve software quality, using Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, and Change-Based Testing processes to engineer reliable software for accelerated time-to-market release cycles.

Software Testing in a Continuous Delivery World

February 22, 2017 0

A team that releases every commit needs to take software testing seriously. This talk explains what kinds of testing a team needs when working with Continuous Delivery. It will need to evolve new ways of testing. It will have new dynamics of testers working with developers. It will find new ways of of interacting with customers, stakeholders and product owners. And it will have completely new demands that require the testing mindset.

Modern Test Management: People First

February 21, 2017 1

Since the publication of Peopleware by Tom DeMarco and Tim Lister in 1987, the importance of people in the success of software development projects could not be underestimated. This is also true in the software testing domain. In this article, Anna Royzman discusses some of the essential skills of modern software testers that managers should nurture and develop.

Parasoft Releases Service Virtualization Community Edition

February 15, 2017 0

Parasoft has announced the worldwide release of Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition. Parasoft’s new Virtualize Community Edition enables software developers and testers to quickly access a comprehensive system test environment on-demand by simulating the behavior of dependent business and IoT applications that are still-evolving or unavailable. The new Community Edition expands the offering to allow individuals, small teams, or enterprises to evaluate service virtualization without cost.

Perfecto Introduces Tools for Faster Debugging

February 15, 2017 0

Perfecto has introduced new tools designed for developers and development teams that accelerate the web and mobile app development process through faster debugging and troubleshooting. Powered by Perfecto’s on-demand, cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab, the new tools provide fast feedback to mobile and web developers and development teams. The tools allow developers to obtain real-world feedback early in their development process, identify and fix platform-specific bugs, and streamline continuous integration (CI) within their DevOps delivery pipeline.

Automating Cross-browser JavaScript Unit Testing

February 13, 2017 0

What might seem obvious to some people could be weird to other. This is still the case for applying unit testing to JavaScript code in multiple browsers. In his blog post “Learning How to Set Up Automated, Cross-browser JavaScript Unit Testing”, Philip Walton provides a step-by-step approach process to create some automated testing of your JavaScript code.

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