Software Testing in a Continuous Delivery World

A team that releases every commit needs to take software testing seriously. This talk explains what kinds of testing a team needs when working with Continuous Delivery. It will need to evolve new ways of testing. It will have new dynamics of testers working with developers. It will find new ways of of interacting with customers, stakeholders and product owners. And it will have completely new demands that require the testing mindset.

I’ve been working with teams doing (or moving towards) Continuous Deployment. These teams need drastic changes in their test approach, even if they come from a fairly rigorous CI situation. The smallest change for the tester role is perhaps getting used to doing exploratory testing on production. Testers are worried about their role. And perhaps rightfully so. Their traditional role of standing in the breach as the final guardian of quality is gone. But the tester expertise is only becoming more central. As a coach to developers. As a pair to them. As one of the Three Amigo’s. As the critical thinker creating that MVP test. As a coach and pair to operations engineers. And still as that expert exploratory tester. Yes, on production. I’ll share my experience going through this process with the testers and developers in my teams, and show how these new aspects of testing work in day-to-day practice.

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