Let’s Test South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa, November 24-26 2019

The Let’s Test South Africa conference is an event focused on software testing and software quality. It is a unique opportunity for the African software testing community to network and learn from international and local software testing and software quality assurance experts.

In the agenda of the Let’s Test South Africa conference you can find topics like “How To Make Everyone Hate You and Ensure Testing Fails at Your Company While Maintaining Job Security”, “The Testing Profession: The good, the bad and the ugly”, “An Introduction to “How to Interview like a Tester?”, “A Testers Guide to the Illusion of Unit Testing”, Complexity and Cynefin for Software Testers”, “Testing: The Time Machine”, “Excel in Testing”, “Sampling and Modeling”, “A Tester and Developer Story – in practice”, “Swimming with Sharks… Communication Tools for Testers”, “Story Mapping –- the art of contextualizing user stories into getting thin slices of deliverable value”, “Examine your testing skills”, “Yoga for Testers”, “A Tester Walk in the Park”, “Why Pair Testing can (and will) improve the quality of your work”.

Web site for the Let’s Test South Africa conference: http://lets-test.com/