QA&TEST, Bilbao, Spain, October 19-21 2022

QA&TEST is a three-day international conference on software quality assurance and software testing on embedded software and software systems that takes place every year in Bilbao, Spain.

In the agenda of the QA&TEST conference you can find topics like “A Fresh Perspective on Testing”, “Testing road tunnels in the Netherlands, a complex infrastructural project”, “Agile Teams: Advocating Quality When Collaboration Becomes Groupthink”, “Internet of Things – Testing the Experience”, “Pros and Cons of Doing Performance Testing Along with Development Versus at the End of it”, “Jenkins Pipeline for automatic test runs on hardware”, “Best practices of multidisciplinary test and integration using emulation models”, “Getting value from structured testing in high-tech environments”, “CMMI statistically performance of process in SCRUM projects”, “Computer vision as a challenging technology to test”, “Validation team and testability commitment”, “Functional Testing: A Business Processing Model approach for Model Base Testing”, “Aligning Metrics with the Testing Goals”, “Assessing and Testing Risk for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems”.

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