Romanian Testing Conference, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, June 16-17 2022

The Romanian Testing Conference is a software testing conference that takes place in Romania. It provides a rich content program of talks and workshops in a comfortable and well structured manner delivered by professional speakers from software testing industry.

In the agenda of the Romanian Testing Conference you can find topics like “BDD – a quick guide on how & why to not hate it”, “Web Application Security Testing – Mindset to Skillset Journey”, “Exploratory Testing Tutorial: From basics to heuristics”, “Testing and debugging blockchain applications”, “Introduction to Capacity and Performance Engineering”, “Storytelling for agile (testing) professionals”, “Rest Assured API Testing”, “Improving your Selenium Webdriver tests”, “Towards Structured Testing in Artificial Intelligence Applications”, “10 Tips To Build A Tester Friendly Environment”, “How to become a testing toolsmith”, “Testing in the age of complexity”, “Test Flow: Improve yourself with mental training”, “Does Agile still need testers?”, “Pair testing in an agile world”, “Automation – the good, the bad, the ugly”, “Inspiring Testing – Test Leadership”, “An Intimate and Up Close View Into a Tester’s Career”, “A Tester’s Journey: From Germany to Silicon Valley”, “Analyzing statement coverage at Google”, “Cloud Performance – What Really Matters”, “Twitter and the context-driven testing community”, “How to build a unified automation framework for web and Mobile Applications”.

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