TestExpo, London, UK, October 17 2019

TestExpo is a conference structured around a series of software testing themes that takes place in London, UK. TestExpo focuses on the ambitions, plans and goals of the software testing community in the UK for learning and improving software testing practices.

In the agenda of the TestExpo conference, you can find topics like “What roles should DevOps play in your agile transformation?”, “Test Automation without Assertions”, “Cultivate your career – 3 core skill-sets every tester needs”, “Governance, Phases, and Milestones are not Agile dirty words!”, “Testing, as little as possible but as much as necessary”, “On Demand Private Appium Device Cloud using ATD”, ” Easily Create Scalable Automation Using Selenium”, “Test Automation in Agile or DevOps Environments”, “Equivalence Partitioning & Boundary Value Analysis: Old Hat or Cutting Edge?”, “Mis-Adventures in Test Automation”, “A Test Team’s disrupted journey to finding their middle earth in DevOps”, “Delivering successfully a ticketing system using BDD”, “User Acceptance Testing a blessing or a pain”, “Best Practices for Building Your Mobile Test Lab”, “How to Fit Performance Testing with Agile and DevOps”, “Daydreams versus Nightmares in testing”, “Automated UI Testing for iOS and Android Mobile Apps”, “Testing without boundaries – Dream or Reality”, “The Need For Speed: Tools to increase responsiveness, efficiency and performance”, “Test Rich but Cash Poor”, “Managing Crowdsourced App Testing”, “Balancing Quality and Speed: Moving to CD without Breaking Your Code”.

Web site the TestExpo event: http://www.testexpo.co.uk/