Get Started with Visual Regression Testing and WebdriverIO

If you develop web sites, you are certainly aware of the side effects that some JavaScript code changes might have on your applications. Visual regression testing is a technique that allows monitoring these negative impacts. This book provides a quick step by step introduction to visual regression testing using the WebdriverIO open source tool.

The book “Get Started with Visual Regression Testing and WebdriverIO” is the companion book of a free 6 days online course on this topic that will take you from the basic term definition to running a full test. The course content will teach you how to use test automation to validate all types of front-end updates, how to catch drift in your design that occurs through regular site updates and how to use assertions so you can integrate your tests into your continuous integration or continuous delivery process.

Get Started with Visual Regression Testing and WebdriverIO

Based on JavaScript and Node.js, WebdriverIO is an open source tool that makes it possible to write Selenium tests in your favorite Behavior or Test-Driven Development (BDD / TDD) test framework that will run locally or in the cloud using Sauce Labs, BrowserStack or TestingBot. WebdriverIO is agnostic with regard to the test framework you want to use like Cucumber, Jasmine or Mocha+Chai.

This short book is well written and provides well-defined step to step processes with plenty of readable code as examples. If you are a JavaScript developer that is not yet using any automated testing tool, you should check this resource to assess the benefits that you might receive from writing automated functional tests using WebdriverIO.

Reference: Get Started with Visual Regression Testing and WebdriverIO, Kevin Lamping and Micah Godbolt,

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