Misconceptions About Software Testing

Answering an article saying that you cannot use exploratory testing in Agile, Huib Schoots tries to explain what exploratory testing is and why it is suitable to perform this activity in an Agile context.

One of the first interesting point in this blog post is that there is no Agile testing. As Huib writes it “Why do some people think agile is so different? To me there is no such thing as Agile testing. There is testing in an agile context. And every agile context is probably different.”

He also explains how you can keep exploratory testing focused and discusses how you can setup a strategy for testing in an Scrum context. The blog post is also full of references to other resource about software testing that can help you go further in your thinking about this topic.

Read the complete blog post on http://www.huibschoots.nl/wordpress/?p=1118