T-Shaped Software Testers

Many organizations are currently using an Agile approach to software development. In this context, small teams are recommended with an emphasis on collaboration between team members and cross-functional people. In this blog post, Rob Lambert discusses the actual skills of software testers and how they go beyond software testing, producing what is call a “t-shaped tester”.

A “T-shaped” person is somebody who has a core vertical skill but also a broader horizontal knowledge of his work context. The post starts with the discussion about how software testing is performed in organization. Rob Lambert writes that the role of software tester goes beyond software testing and that this activity shouldn’t be limited to only specialized testers. Rob Lambert thinks that there are many T-shaped testers in the software development community. However, many people are limited into their role, despite having a lot more to offer. With practices like Acceptance Test-Driven Development, the future of software testing will concern both specialists and generalists testers.

His conclusion is that “We demand more than just testing skills. We demand many other skills that complement a testing mindset. Skills that help us deliver value.”

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