Testing Legacy Servers with Arquillian

Arquillian is a open source platform sponsored by JBoss that simplifies the testing of Java middleware. It brings your test to the runtime, freeing you from the concern of managing the runtime from your test and letting you focused on writing your integration test logic. This blog post by Nikolas Frankel explains how to to test Java EE components on JBoss 5.1 EAP with Arquilian and TestNG. His conclusion is that Arquillian seems to be a nice in-container testing framework but seems to have to be polished around some corners. The usage of TestNG may be the culprit here.

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  1. I’ve used Arquillian quite a bit. It started out as a nice tool, after a little learning curve. However, once tests get complex, it becomes a nightmare to maintain. The problem is, that you need to declare your dependencies in your shrinkWrap. This is the code that creates your micro deployment artifact. If you add a dependency to a class (by way of injection, or other means), and that is not included in your shrinkWrap, you have just broken your test. And there’s not clear indication of what the missing dependency is. It can take many hours to try and figure out what broke. I think if this can be made easier, some clear indication of what’s missing, like you get with javac, it would be much better.

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