The Software Testing Cupcake Anti-Pattern

One of the famous concept in software testing is the testing pyramid defined by Martin Fowler that is based on strong unit tests and has less user interface (UI) tests at the top. Sometimes organizations have a different view of software tests and the pyramid is not a pyramid anymore. In this blog post, Fabio Pereira discusses the case where the pyramid looks like a cupcake.

The Software Testing Cupcake Anti-Pattern happens when there is large amount of both unit tests, systems tests and UI tests. According to Fabio Pereira the main reason for this situation is the fact that there are different teams that create different levels of tests without any collaboration.

The blog posts provides many to avoid the Software Testing Cupcake Anti-Pattern. Teams should collaborate, or even better you have to merge the different teams. You should also try to test at the lowest level and define metrics that provides a vertical vision of the testing process.

The conclusion of Fabio Pereira is that “When the team of developers, manual testers and GUI testers work together to achieve the same goal, collaborating and helping each other, I’m sure we can all achieve a much better testing strategy that will ensure the quality of our software.”

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