Wipro and LambdaTest Collaborate on AI Testing Solution

LambdaTest is collaborating with Wipro Limited to integrate Wipro’s Gen AI powered QE platform IntelliAssure with HyperExecute – a continuous cloud test orchestration solution offered by Lambdatest. The partnership aims to provide organizations that are modernizing and migrating to the cloud with an easy-to-implement, plug-and-play solution for infusing analytics-driven intelligence across their testing lifecycle for improved productivity as well as hyper-accelerated release cycle times.

LambdaTest and Wipro’s collaborative integration will tap into AI capabilities to achieve completely autonomous test lifecycles, and augment a test engineer’s efforts, enabling them to only focus on those activities that will add value and aid business transformation goals.

Clients can completely automate phases of their software testing lifecycle, such as the generation of test suites and scripts (not just from user stories but also from requirements), the generation of test data, and the hyper-execution of automated scripts, thanks to the combined advanced AI features. It likewise includes a Test Designing/QE Technique to improve test quality and designing standards.

Additionally, the current beta version includes the Auto Muting of Consistently Failing Tests, silencing recurrently failing tests to optimize the testing environment. LambdaTest and Wipro’s integrated Gen AI test automation solution aims to optimize software testing cycles, offering enhanced reliability and efficiency in software testing.