Exploratory Testing with Bug Magnet

Bug Magnet is an open source Chrome extension that provides an easy access to common software testing problematic values and edge cases. You will be able to access them easily during exploratory testing sessions so that you can fill the tested fields with a chosen value. A Firefox equivalent has also been developed.

Bug Magnet provides a convenient access to many common boundaries and edge cases for exploratory testing. You can use valid and invalid e-mail addresses, dummy texts (“lore ipsum” texts) with different character sets, people names in different formats and characters, numbers. There is also a set of format exploits (SQL, JavaScript, and HTML).

Open Source Exploratory Testing with Bug Magnet

Bug Magnet adds only a tiny overhead per page (<1k). It has no third party library dependencies and is completely passive, so it does not interfere with your web app execution in any way. It works on input fields and text areas.

Installation and Usage

The installation is very easy as you just have to click on the “Add to Chrome” button on the tool web site. When you visit the web site you are testing, you can right-click on the field you want to check and then select, using a menu hierarchy, the values provided by Bug Magnet that are inserted in the field.

Tool web site: http://gojko.github.io/bugmagnet/

Bug Magnet for Firefox

Brian Goad has developed an equivalent of Bug Magnet that can be added to your Firefox browser. To install this extension, just download it from the Mozilla Add-On Marketplace (see link below).

Tool web site: https://github.com/bbbco/bugmagnet-firefox
Mozilla Add-On Marketplace: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bugmagnet-firefox/