Agile Testing without Automation?

Most research on Agile Testing and QA have requirements on highly automated testing/CI and an Agile or Scrum project-management structure. How can we iterate towards a more Agile testing process, with all the benefits that entails, when some of the common requirements are missing or undesirable in the near-term?

Drive quality as a core principal through communication and collaboration with QA test “consultants” embedded with development teams: We discuss real-world results from Puppet on feature turn-around time and relevant defect rates Derive transparency on upcoming features and requirements through quality user stories and acceptance criteria, BDD or otherwise Risk analysis driven by all teams, particularly Product, QA and Development: We discuss the importance of risk-relative testing, and why it’s important in some cases to test less, rather than more. Whatever is prioritized to test should be transparent to all groups and stakeholders: Everyone knows communication is important, but how can we agree upon the most effective details that need constant discussion with effortless transfer? We discuss methods and motivation on communication: Instances of success and opportunities for improvement at Puppet are presented.

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