Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) in Java with JGiven

Although Behavior Driven Development has been existing for over 10 years, the methodology hasn’t yet been very popular in the Java world. One reason for this are the existing BDD tools for Java that are cumbersome for developers to use and require a lot of maintenance.

This talke wants to change this with JGiven and provide Java developers with a framework that they like to use and at the same time satisfy the operating department with instructive reports. JGiven scenarios are written in the usual Given-When-Then formula with an embedded Java DSL. This allows developers to use all IDE features such as auto completion and refactoring tools. The resulting scenarios are indeed separately very readable, but JGiven can additionally generate more reports in different formats that can be used for collaboration with domain experts. Through a modular concept, new scenarios can be easily assembled from parts of other scenarios. This speeds up the creation of new scenarios and avoids test code duplication. Since neither Groovy nor Scala are still needed and JGiven is compatible with JUnit and TestNG, JGiven can be immediately applied in Java projects and be easily integrated into existing test infrastructures. In this presentation, the speaker will give an introduction to JGiven and, based on a short live coding session, show how quickly and easily BDD Scenarios can be written in JGiven.

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