Building Better Software Faster with Continuous Delivery Pipelines

A delivery pipeline is a set of automated processes that allow developers and DevOps professionals to efficiently compile, build, test and deploy their code to their production platforms. It most common components of a pipeline are build automation/continuous integration, test automation and deploy automation.

Deployment Pipelines are central to a Continuous Delivery approach. They represent an organizing principle for the automation of large parts of our development and deliver process. We optimize for fast, clear feedback to help sustain a software development team ability to make progress with high confidence. Like many ideas that become well-known, they are often misinterpreted. A Deployment Pipeline is much more than your build script, it is more specific than that, It is much more than an automated deployment tool. A Deployment Pipeline is the definitive statement on the releasability of your software in a DevOps approach. The key objective of a Software Delivery Pipeline is automation with no manual steps or changes required in or between any steps of the pipeline. Human error can and does occur when carrying out these boring and repetitive tasks manually and ultimately does affect the ability to meet deliverables and potentially SLAs due to botched deployments.

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