Coaching for Software Testers

Do you want to learn how to coach software testers to be skilled at what they do, using a systematic approach? Coaching, unlike training puts the student at the centre of the session. You coach on what the student wants to learn , with the goal of empowering and motivating the student. While these are ultimately the responsibility of the student, there are ways a coach can help a student feel more empowered. Learn how to guide a student through a coaching task, helping them to feel challenged and motivated to continue to discover more.

Coaching is more than asking questions, its about directing the student. But how can a coach direct yet continue to put the student in charge of learning? The good news is that you can! Find out about energy in coaching, learn how to detect and then manage this vital energy. Discover coaching patterns to help you navigate the ‘coaching space’ including syndromes that students and coaches can suffer from.

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