End to End Test Automation with Playwright

You need to make sure that you test complete user flows. With the open source test automation tool Playwright, you can easily in minutes record a test and run that test and visually see what is happening, providing a cool developer experience.

Playwright is an open-source automation library for browser testing and web scraping. It was developed by Microsoft and launched in 2020. It provides the ability to automate browser tasks in Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API. This allows developers to create reliable end-to-end automated tests that are capable of running in non-headless mode or headless mode.

Playwright supports various programming languages like JavaScript, Python, C# and Java, though its main API was originally written in Node.js. It supports all modern web features including network interception and multiple browser contexts and provides automatic waiting, which reduces the flakiness of tests.

This presentation takes a look at how to test across iframes and different browser contexts by testing the user flow of the Stackblitz website, setting up a Vite project in Stackblitz, modifying the code and sharing it, so others can open and interact with it. Let’s get testing with Playwright.

Video producer https://viteconf.org/

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