Load Testing With Telerik Test Studio

Learn how Telerik Test Studio’s performance testing and just-released load testing features can help you detect bottlenecks in your system’s performance and answer business-critical questions about your ability to handle large amounts of traffic. This webinar focuses on Test Studio’s Performance and Load Testing features. It presents how these features can help you respond to questions from management like “Will our site be able to support traffic after this new product’s launch?” and “Are our customers happy when they are using our site during normal and high traffic times?”

You will learn how you can use one functional test and run it as a performance test to give you great breakdowns for information about specific use cases – and tie in detailed metrics from Windows Performance Monitor counters. You will also discover how easy it is to construct complex and realistic load test scenarios.

Telerik Test Studio added load testing capabilities in the new version announced at the beginning of May. This release of Test Studio delivers an expanded range of functionality including powerful load testing capabilities, integration with HP Quality Center and Defect tracking systems, as well as an easy to use exploratory testing tool.