Mobile End-to-End Testing at Scale

The promise of end-to-end (E2E) software testing — complex, real-world test scenarios from the point of view of and end user — is appealing. Many attempts have been made over the years at automating large parts of the software testing and release processes, yet most of these efforts ended up in bitter and hard learned lessons about the inherent challenges of the whole approach.

The presenter work at Facebook over the last two years has been making mobile end-to-end testing at scale a reality. When others said it couldn’t be done, or fell by the wayside, he relentlessly pushed forward, solving problems deemed intractable, and finding new, untold vistas of horror before us. We have come a long way: E2E testing is now an integral part of Facebook’s mobile development and release process. This presentation covers what challenges Facebook faced and how it chose to solve or make them irrelevant.

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