Motivating Software Testers

Motivation software testers is perhaps the most important duty of the test managers. However, testers might responds very differently to the same stimulus according to their personality. This video show participants the practical way to deal with this issue of software testers’ motivation, using the following structure.

1) Mr. Software Tester
* Boosting testers’ pride and importance
* Quick answers to all testers’ tricky questions and doubts
* Different approaches to pouring energy into Junior or Senior testers

2) Communication Expert Software Tester
* Discuss how to engage parties such as Stakeholders, Business
* Department, Developers, Team Leaders and Analysts
* Learning from experts: tomorrow’s test leads

3) Career Beast Software Tester
* Using a modernized ‘Carrot and Stick’ approach of motivation in society nowadays
* Finding individual motivational targets (e.g. career progression, certifications, conferences, networking)

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