Pitfalls and Perils of Agile Testing

Many teams have tried to implement agile software development practices and failed. When you read about transitioning to agile development, it sounds so easy. Why don’t all of them succeed and why do so many agile adoptions go so badly? In particular, testing seems to get off track.

Iterations turn into mini-waterfalls, stories are never quite “done”, and testers worry that they’re losing control or being set up to fail. Customers keep changing their minds and complaining that their requirements weren’t met. Obviously, some teams succeed with testing on agile projects, and others don’t. What do they do differently? Janet Gregory will share some of the lessons she has learned when working with teams that help agile teams be successful. She will introduce the agile testing quadrants which is a model for testing that involves the whole team. She will talk about what to avoid, what practices are critical, and some basic steps that can make the difference between success and failure. One example of a critical practice is using the whole team approach, and what happens when your team keeps your test team separate from the project team.

Video Producer: http://www.agilevancouver.ca/