Progressive Testing to Meet the Performance Imperative

Users care as much about how your service performs as they do what job it helps them accomplish. This is why performance is imperative and performance testing a must. So why do we still see so many 503 errors and slow apps? The answer is empathy, a lack thereof. Performance is the most tangible element of “non-functional” quality criteria we regularly ignore until it’s too late.

The cloud doesn’t save us magically either. “Building quality in” starts with a mindset guided by technical experience, team alignment, and empathy for your customers. The automated delivery process is the substrate we all work in now, and the viscosity of our app/configuration/deployment code often dictates our rate of flow. Reducing these friction points with fast and complete feedback loops help us improve the pace of delivery.

This presentation covers:
* how to include and improve performance criteria into stories and features
* key performance indicators for cloud deployments and high-availability services
* progressive performance testing strategies to radiate early feedback in our pipelines
* advanced scenarios of dynamically provisioning test environments

Hopefully, you will learn some cool new techniques and questions to ask your own team, but the goal is to root our work in empathy in order to reset our vision of how to deliver high-performance systems.

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