Test Automation Doesn’t Mean You Need Less Testers

It’s commonly said that Test Automation means you need less testers on the team, it speeds up the testing process and allows more time for Exploratory Testing. In this talk Richard shares his critique of these common outcomes by calling upon his experiences of working in and managing teams where Automation has played a crucial part in the testing approach and has been used to great effect; but hasn’t resulted in the above outcomes.

This presentation explains why he believes these common misconceptions of Automation are unfounded and gives reasoning as to how and why these myths have gained such momentum. In addition he briefly touches upon the Testing versus Checking definitions and how they can be used to educate team members ensuring there is a common understanding of these aspects leading to a greater appreciation of Testing. Attendees should expect to take away a deep understanding of the real benefits of Automation and the importance of a whole team understanding of why and how to use Automation to assist Testing.

Video producer: The Association for Software Testing